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Join us as we worship together Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

We invite you to join us this Sunday, September 4, 2016
  Reverend Rae Perteet preaching: Is There A Doctor In The House


Children's Message in worship with Nursery care and Sunday School available for all ages

Grace of the Week

This is My Father's World

Wow!  September is already here. The year seems to be passing along so quickly.  During this time of year, many families in our church community are inundated with getting settled into familiar routines that accompany the first few weeks back to school.  However, during this first year living in California, this time of year stands out for a different reason.  It stands out for me particularly because my first ever visit to the West coast was during the month of September. Some years back, I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Fresno, California. 

During that visit, I had the splendid opportunity to visit the Redwood National State Park.  I’ll never forget my first visit here, in part, due to the sheer splendor and beauty found in this park.  Prodigious trees that you can drive through, beautiful hiking trails and the palpable feeling of nature’s warm embrace as the sun’s rays peered down through the canopy of trees.  Surrounded by the majestic beauty of creation, it would have been difficult not to feel God’s presence. Yet, if we pause for a moment, I’m sure we would see a measure of such beauty in all of creation regardless of where we are.

On the other hand, there are times in our lives when, irrespective of nature’s beauty, we are so focused on the day’s plan or agenda that we virtually ignore its beauty. We never stop to consider the masterpieces of God’s hands displayed all around us.  It is not intentional, but sometimes, we just forget to acknowledge all of the beauty God has placed in our lives.  Sometimes, in spite of the goodness of God’s grace, we can simply take for granted that goodness all around us.  In fact, it reminds me of a story that took place in the gospel of St. Luke.

One day, while Jesus was passing in between Samaria and Galilee, He entered a village where he was met by ten lepers who asked Him for healing. During this period of history, being a leper meant isolation from everyone you knew and loved as you were forced to live in a special community of lepers isolated from the mass of society.  As it turns out, Christ did not just heal one or two of them but all ten lepers! They were then asked to go show themselves to the priest as was the custom of the day so that they could be accepted again into society and reunited with family.  But, guess what happened after the lepers were healed, would you believe that only one leper returned to say thank you to Christ.

At times in our lives, we also take for granted the healing beauty of God’s creation the, friends, family, community and etc. that are placed all around us.  How many times do we become unimpressed with the small miracles that God places all around us?  We become unimpressed with that first breath we take in the morning.  It simply becomes routine and we forget to say thank you. Families become unimpressed with other family members, husbands unimpressed with their wives and wives with husbands when, sometimes, it is a true miracle that they are still there at all.  Simply said, perhaps as we go about our lives during the coming months, it may be prudent to take a few moments to reflect on all of the beauty that God has placed in our lives.  To take time to give thanks, thereby readjusting our vision from the cloudiness of privilege to a certain clarity that comes with gratitude. The one leper who returned to say thanks the Bible says was the only one who was completely “made well” outwardly and inwardly.  Perhaps, in a similar way, we can truly experience life’s greater healings and blessings when we open our eyes; remaining truly appreciative for all the beauty around us. 

Remaining In His Light,
Rev. Rae

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